Medias Black LIES Matter

Hands up, don’t shoot!  He just just selling CDs when the police came to bully him.  The media and progressive left are without any concern truth when it comes to police shootings if an African American is involved.  They WANT sensationalism.  They WANT to stir up protests and create more stories.  They WANT to push stories for their own political agendas.  For that reason, the media and the left have responsibility for every police officer killed or injured due to protests that THEY have irresponsibly created.  Last weeks two cases are a prime example of the media WANTING chaos, not truth, and a gullible left eating it up and using it as an excuse for violence.

Of course, NOBODY wants to see people being shot and killed by ANYBODY.  I am sure those Police Officers wish they had not been in that situation where it happened.  Let’s not pretend otherwise.  However, neither of these stories are simple.  The Media rushed to get out LIES, and have done nothing to clarify now that the real facts are starting to emerge.


Alton Sterling and Philando Castille

Alton Sterling was an innocent man, loved by all, just harmlessly selling CDs.  That was the news.  After that, all the stories have been about protests because this kind innocent man was brutally slain and the chaos and murder that has followed.  What you are not hearing is that this man was also a convicted sex offender with a LONGGGGGGGGG criminal record that includes Resisting Arrest with Violence and Gun Possession.  So basically, the exact thing that ended in his death are things he has done in the past.  Also neglected is that the Police did not come out because he was selling CDs, but because a homeless man was annoying him so he threatened the man by showing him his gun.  So again, while nobody deserves to die this is not exactly a pillar of his community either as initially reported.

Philando Castille is a more complicated, and should be treated as such.  However, to the media he was a gun permit holder murdered by the police.  Who knows, in this case that MAY even be what turns out to be true.  We know he was just a normal working guy with no criminal record.  We know he was pulled over by police, and eventually shot.  We know his fiance said he was not doing anything, and just getting his ID as the police officer said.  However now are we learning that the police officer says he fired because of the presence of the gun being carried, and possibly that the gun had been “displayed.”  We also know from the fiance’s video that the police officer repeatedly says that he told him not to reach for anything.  As a gun owner, I do know that you NEVER reach for anything where the officer cannot see your hands with out clearly saying what you are doing and getting his approval which is DOUBLY important if you are carrying.  This sounds more like a case of bad reactions to the situation on both sides.  But the media has made their case that it is bad cops, and again pushed on to create violence.

The media was not just in a rush to get out news.  They were in a rush to get out stories that they KNOW are not true.  They want to spread lies to generate problems and thus more stories.  They are motivated by personal political agendas, and have no shame if people are hurt or killed as they push their lies.




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