Hillary, Democrats and the REAL Racism

Why is it that Democrats see racism in everything?  They see and hear it in almost every where they look.  If there is nothing to see or hear, they call something a dog whistle.  “Obama wore a dark suit” becomes “Why do you say dark, because he is black?”  Now the campaign that brought you limitless Confederate flag items and the quote that she will bring black men “to heel” is at it again.

A six pointed star in a Tweet by Trump means he is an anti-semite.  Forget that his daughter converted to Judaism and that his son-in-law is Jewish.

A Black Lives Matter supported murdered five Police Officers.  Solution?  White people need to learn to feel for them more because we are racist.

Hillary and Democrats look for racism ALMOST everywhere.  I say ALMOST because the one place they do not look is at themselves.  Of course Hillary thinks whites are racist, because in reality SHE thinks black men are “super predators.”  Democrats see blacks and other minorities as inferior.  They see all comments through that lens and their pompous and condescending belief that only they can protect these poor weak people.  It is the same way slave owners saw slaves 150 years ago.  Some knew slavery had to go away, but they though slaves were inferior and could not take care of themselves.  It should really be no surprise that Democrats think that way since a former KKK leader, Sen Robert Byrd, was a US Senator until 2010.

You can only see racism everywhere, when racism is what fills your heart.


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