When Comey Became Hillary’s Cuck Boy

Yesterday FBI Director Comey gave a Press Briefing on the travesty of justice that is the Hillary Clinton “Investigation.”  Of the conference, 99% gave great detail on the extent of Hillary’s disregard for the law, carelessness with national security secrets, and how she has spent over a year lying about it.  The final 1% said ended by saying despite the shit show that was uncovered, the Government is not going to do anything.  Like a good cuckold, Comey detailed the virtual gang rape on the American justice system that has been the Obama Administration.  Like a cuckold, he is just going to watch and take it.


The most telling part is when he said “Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”  Not that she is not guilty.  Not that she did not lie.  Not that there is noting to prosecute her based on.  Just that nobody would be willing to bring a case.  What he is saying is she is guilty as hell, but no federal employee will go after her because she is an elite and it will hurt their career.  Not since J Edgar Hoover wore dressed have we seen such a sissy decision in the FBI.

Big Daddy Obama has been telling the press that nothing will come of the investigation without even knowing the facts.  The FBI finds tons of problems and lies and Comey just sits in the corner and lets them abuse him, humiliate him and his agency by doing nothing.  Obama and Hillary reward their little cuck by flying off together on Air Force One the same day, showing their disregard for the law and his weak, flaccid “enforcement.”

Former President Clinton has a “private meeting” with Comey’s boss, then a  few days later the Clinton campaign says they will keep Lynch on as Attorney General.  Then Lynch says she will do whatever the FBI recommends.  Comey drops to his knees and cleans up the mess by recommending nothing be done to his mistress.

For years we have known that the law now only applies to us.  The politicians and elites who make the rules never enforce them on their own.  Until now, they have PRETENDED to care what we think and not be to blatant.  Now they expect us all to be like their new cuckold.  Do as you are told.  Don’t ask questions.  Just take what they give you.






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