Calling Trump Populist Gives President Obama the Sads

At a press conference with both the leaders of Canada and Mexico this week Obama did what he always does, and made it about himself.  Even while making a thinly veiled slams against Trump, President Super Fly TNT did what he always does and made it about how super awesome he thinks he is. image


The basic gist of his self serving “rant” is that Trump cannot be populist because he does not truly stands for everyday Americans.  His Majesty King Obama preaches that Trump “has never shown any regard for workers, has never fought on behalf of social justice issues or making sure that poor kids are getting a decent shot at life or have health care.”  As a Community Organizer he apparently feels he did a lot by fighting on behalf of dirty peasants.  It doesn’t matter that he ACCOMPLISHED nothing, but he showed he cared.

What about Trump?  It is true he did not build career taking about how people need better jobs, healthcare and a shot at a better life.  Instead, he built buildings and businesses that created high paying construction jobs, careers, provided healthcare and benefits, and a future for those employed.  As President his goal will be to do the same.

So there we have it.  Obama is the REAL populist.  Because when you are unemployed you want a leader who gives speeches and platitudes, not a man that gets you an actual job.


One thought on “Calling Trump Populist Gives President Obama the Sads

  1. Ironic and ignorant to say the least – Obama that is, not this post. One cannot be a SJW and a populist since the entirety of the Social Justice is predicated upon attacking the populace at large in order to benefit small subcultures that perform poorly and are chosen to receive special privileges and protections.


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