Apparently Mitt Romney’s Family Hates Him Too

Increasingly bitter and irrelevant political has-been Mitt Romney told CNN that his family STILL wants him to run for President.  This raises an important question as to why they hate him so much.


I know why I hate him.  He is a pompous ass who lost the election because he did not have the guts to stand up for himself or America and let Obama walk all over him showing him to be a pathetic cuckold.  I know why his son Tagg hates him.  Who the hell names their son “Tagg?”  I can guess why his his wife hates him.  I am betting it rhymes with “He has never given her a smorgasm.”

To encourage Mitt to run for President after losing over and over again in his attempts is basically telling him you want to go watch himself publicly make a total ass of himself.  How bad do you have to despise a person to want to see them waste millions of dollars and months of their lives to make a complete ass of themselves?

There is one other option.  In the interview Mittens said “For my wife and kids to say, ‘Do it again’ — and I’m talking about late in the process here — they were concerned about the direction of the nominating process in our party.”  So basically he has raised a bunch of arrogant and entitled shit bags who think that the peasant should not pick an actual leader.  WE are supposed to sit back and let a family with a history of failed attempts to run for President and then undermining other candidates.  Romney’s are too weak to win and lead, but grow a set of balls when it is time to throw the election to the Democrats who will maintain the status quo of elitism that they thrive on.




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