CNN Reminds Us Why We Don’t Trust Them

The weekend on CNN, pretentious fuck nugget Fareed Zakaria reminded us exactly why people hate and distrust the media so much.


Royal ass hat Zakaria explained while discussing Brexit that journalists tend to be “better-educated,’ “comfortable with diversity,” more liberal, and “probably less sensitive to the concerns” of average Brits (aka all normal people).  This is the exact sort of arrogant douchery at the root of why people no longer trust the media.  What does it say about this fucktard that he is so full of himself that he thinks it is OK to say how much a superior he is to others?

While FZ thinks this made him sound superior, all it really did was remind the world that the best parts of this jack wagon ran down his Momma’s leg and wound up as a stain on her bed sheets.

Too harsh?




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