Mark Zuckerberg Hates You Gun Loving RWNJs

So, after their ground breaking meeting with “leading conservatives” it seems Facebook is still at it.  Now they are being accused of suppressing Pro-Second Amendment content and sites on Facebook.  Of course Facebook is “looking into it,” by which I think it is safe to assume they mean “looking into why people keep leaking this crap so that we can’t get away with it.”


By now everybody has heard about all the information that leaked out regarding the libtard commune that is Facebook keeping conservative topics off the trending news.  In response, Mark Zuckerberg had a meeting where he invited “leading conservatives” to what was basically a photo-op to pretend he gives even half a fuck.  With the exception of Tucker Carlson, who I can only assume was invited by accident, there was not an alpha male (or female) in the group.  It was just a chance to cuckservatives to kiss his ass and bow down before him.  The only thing that really came out of this appears to be Glenn Beck developing an unhealthy man crush on Baby Z.

Now Facefuck is at it back at it, this time suppressing groups that are Pro-Second Ammendment.  Of course Cuckerberg will be “addressing” this as well.  The end result is the same.  His hatred and condescension towards anybody and anything that is not a coddled left wing beta pussy related could not be more apparent.  He leases Why do you Right Wing Nut Jobs need guns anyway?  Why not just hire bodyguards to protect you like Fuckerberg?  It is just like all of you people wanting a wall between the US and Mexico when all you really need is a few billion dollars and a wall around your house to keep the riffraff out.

I am sure after months of looking into this issue Facecuck will happily sit back waiting for this story goes away and continue singling out conservatives and conservative issues to suppress.  Maybe we need Glenn Beck to go stare lovingly into his eyes again.  Not to measure his sincerity or whatever shit Beck thinks it does, but becuase it will creep theZ-Man out until he finally backs off.

In the mean time, remember that Zuckerturd hates all of us on the right even more than he hates the Winklevoss twins.




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