Hugh Hewitt Basically Came Out Of The Liberal Democrat Closet

This morning Hugh Hewitt finally did what many of us have suspected would happen with many of the self-appointed elite if the conservative movement.  Baby Hughey came out of the closet and admitted to be a fat left liberal democrat intent on ending the Republican party and ensuring not only Hillary Clinton’s election, but a long reign of Democrats with no Republican opposition.


Of course, the Hughmeister phrased it slightly differently but the meaning is the same.  The Hughster feels that at the GOP convention, they should ignore the actual primary voters and let the party decide the nominee.  Old Hughbics Cube things the delegates show throw out the actual winner, Donald Trump.

The end result is a elite group of a few thousand people telling over 11 million GOP voters to go fuck ourselves.  By showing that the party does not care what the public wants and is only concerned with their own ego, that will guarantee that every Trump supporter will bail on the party.  Likewise, it is safe to assume that other Republicans who may be on the fence about the party will also fall into the camp of walking away.  On top of that, there is NO WAY Independents will cast their votes to a party that shows they could care less what anybody but their own establishment elitists want.

Thus, only a hardened Liberal Democrat to the far left of Bernie Sanders and Marx would come out wishing for something like this to happen.






5 thoughts on “Hugh Hewitt Basically Came Out Of The Liberal Democrat Closet

  1. No, the meaning is not the same. Mark Kirk, Graham, Romney and the Bushes say Trump is a bad guy who doesn’t deserve the honor. Hewitt objects because he thinks Trump can’t win the election, and a bad loss will hurt state and local races.


    • At this point calling on the GOP to through out the primary votes will disenfranchise enough Republicans that they would lose races up and down the ticket by driving people to stay home.


      • I agree the voters made their choice, and the party should abide by it. I was just pointing out that Hewitt’s objection was tactical, when you suggested it was ideological.


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