Let’s Play ‘Is This Racist’ With This San Diego Lawyers Group

Is this group racist?

Mission Statement

Formed in 1979, with a handful of white attorneys, San Diego The Race Lawyers Association (SDTRLA) has grown to represent over three hundred white lawyers practicing in San Diego County. SDTRLA is one of 18 affiliate bar associations of the California The Race Lawyers Association, which serves several thousand white lawyers practicing in the State of California.

Our purpose is to advance the cause of equality, empowerment and justice for white attorneys and the white community in San Diego County through service and advocacy. We are dedicated to promoting diversity on both the bench and bar. We support law students with mentorship programs and scholarships.

Our members include current and former state and federal court judges, magistrates, referees, law professors, State Bar committee members, county bar board directors, government officials, elected officials, lawyers practicing in all specialty areas and law students.

Specifically, the goals of SDTRLA are:

• Increase the overall number of whites in the legal profession.

• Encourage and support white judicial candidates to apply to the bench

• Advocate for the promotion and retention of white  attorneys and judicial officers.

• Improve the professional skills of our members through our certified MCLE programs.

• Provide for the professional and social interaction among our members and other organized bar associations.

• Improve the delivery and access of legal services to the county’s English speaking community.

• Provide role models and mentoring to white youth through direct interaction with students and school districts.

• Strongly advocate positions on judicial, economic and social issues to political leaders and state and local bar associations that impact the white community.

I think most people would say yes.   Here is the catch… this was taken from the homepage off La Raza Lawyers.  I just changed Latino to white and translated La Raza into English.  So yes, I think any member of a group like this can likely hold racial bias.


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