A Few More Definitions for Cuckservative Paul Ryan

Today ComiCon Eddie Munster CosPlay master and House Speaker Paul Ryan called Donald Trump’s criticism of a corrupt Hispanic judge “the textbook definition of racist comments.”  Sure the judge is affiliated with a group that advertisers a connection with last Iatin racism group La Raza on their web site.  Sure the guy was appointed by the master of race politics Barack Obama.  Why take a stand, or even sit quietly, when you can turn on others like a shit bag?  Always better to fold like a bitch.  So, in light of Ryan’s listing definitions, here are some for him.  These are all from Webster’s Dictionary.  Not Mirriam Webster, but the tiny black kid on the TV show.


Cuckold (n) See also Paul Ryan

Pussy (adj) See also Paul Ryan

Douche bag (n) See also Paul Ryan

Shit stain (n) See also Paul Ryan


Paul Ryan (n) A weak and spineless individual only capable of standing for himself but nothing of principle.  Also a lame devotee of a hybrid form if the Richard Simons workout that k hacks any of Simons’ masculinity.



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