Hillary Clinton Laments to Her Working Class Friends That Donald Trump Is Out Of Touch

Hillary Clinton is going after Donald Trump by reminding people that he is a billionaire, and thus of touch with the people.  She claims that due to his lavish lifestyle he cannot really understand the working class people that are rallying behind him like she is able to.  Hillary on the other hand has her finger on the pulse of the everyday working Americans like celebrities and hedge fund managers.


At a recent dinner in Los Angeles Clinton’s working class pal George Clooney was heard lamenting about Donald Trump. “This guy has no idea what it is like living paycheck to paycheck on only $20 million per movie.  IF it wasn’t for residuals and back end points, I would barely be able to get by.  Then The Donald starts talking about real estate and investors trying to make money while buoying the struggling housing market.  HA!  How can he identify with a working stiff like me with only 5 houses.  I wanted to buy a castle in the UK, but I head to settle for a £10million nine bedroom mansion instead.”  Hillary was quick to join in showing her day to day working class lifestyle.  “Exactly my point George.  While Trump is off eating his lavish McDonald’s Value Meals and washing them down with fancy drinks like Diet Coke, everyday folks like us have to make due at these $30,000 a plate dinners.  Why, ever since I resigned as Secretary of State poor Bill is lucky to get $500,000 to $600,000 per speech funded by foreign governments, cronies, and shell corporations seeking favors.  By the time we have funneled money to mistresses, there is almost nothing left!”

Donald Trump was unavailable to comment for this story.  According to staffers he was busy rubbing shoulders with a bunch of fancy pants unemployed West Virginia Cole Miners, then planned to thank the ritzy Police Officers in his detail.


This is not a real news story, this is satire.  Sadly however, Crooked Hillary DOES appear to be so out of touch she does not realize how corrupt and vile she really is.






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