VA Says Disney Doesn’t Measure Waits, Why Should They. Disney Says “Huh?”

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald on Monday said “When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what’s important?”  In his mind wait times are not important, but only the service received once the people that survive the long waits are treated.  This statement that Disney does not watch wait times caused confusion at Disney Parks.


Disney Guests were among the first to be thrown off by this revelation.  At the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, families could be seen staring blankly at the Tip Board on Main Street.  The Smith family of Tacoma approached a Cast Member asking “Why does this thing list times after the ride names?  You make it look like that is the wait time, but according to the VA you don’t even track that!  Is this some sort of cruel joke?”  At Epcot’s Test Track a confused Guest Watched as a Cast Member changed the wait time at the start of the line from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.  “I don’t get what they are doing.  I mean they keep changing these times, but obviously this must be totally random.  How can you post wait times when you don’t really measure them?”

Disney Cast were just as confused.  A Guest Service Manager who requested not to be identified said “I have worked for Disney for 25 years.  We have always monitored wait times as important to Guest Satisfaction.  It’s not like people are going to die because a wait time is long, but keeping our Guests happy is important and we know long waits can create a bad experience no matter how great the ride is.”



This is news satire.  However, it is pretty obvious that the VA has never been to a Disney Park where displaying and tracking wait times is routine.  




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