Elizabeth Warren Was NOT a House Flipper, She was Creating SJW Safe Spaces

The war of words continued to heat up between Senator Elizabeth “Dances With Truth” Warren (D-MA) and Donald Trump this week.  Senator Warren has highlighted comments from Donald Trump in that past about making money from a depressed real estate market, a shocking claim to be sure from a real estate developer.


Senator Warren’s initial attack on Trump involved a quote about  developers such as himself being able to make money in down real estate markets, and that during the housing down turn there would be people able to make money from it.  Warren highlighted how horrible this is.  “The idea of somebody wanting to buy a house at a low price and then later sell it at a higher price is against everything we should stand for.  Imagine the horror if this whole world was filled with people trying to make money off of selling things like homes for a profit.”

Donald Trump then attempted to counter her attack by pointing out that she has actually made money flipping houses.  The Boston Herald reported in June 2012 that Warren “rapidly bought and sold homes herself, loaned money at high interest rates to relatives and purchased foreclosed properties at bargain prices.”   Trump attempted to use this to frame Warren as a hypocrite.  Warren was quick to reply “The fact that Trump feels my buying houses  for as little as $50,000 and then reselling them at much higher prices like $109,000 is anything like his real estate development shows how horrible he is.  I was not doing this to make money like some vile capitalist.  I only did this to take these homes and turn them into Safe Spaces that could provide safe haven to social justice warriors from the world.  Turning a massive profit on these homes turned my stomach.  Every time I went out jewelry shopping, on luxurious vacations, or to dinner at Ruth’s Chris to spend this money I was saddened by the materialist culture of our country. ”

When asked for additional comments, the Warren office said they would not be able to comment until the Senator returned from closing on a sweet foreclosure.



This is intended as news satire.  It is not my fault that Fauxcahontas is REALLY so out of touch with reality she would attack another person for making money in a down real estate market while making money flipping foreclosures herself.  Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.


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